Songwriters Night

Join us at 7:30 PM for Songwriter's Night at the Dell'Arte Carlo Theater

Tickets are $10 for general public, $8 for Folklife Members, and $5 for children

Tickets are available at Wildberries or online at Brown Paper Tickets

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Kray Van Kirk

If you ask someone about Kray Van Kirk's music, comparisons to John Denver, Gordon Lightfoot, Richard Thompson, or Douglie MacLean will come up. If you ask Van Kirk himself to describe what he does, he is likely to jump on top of a table in a crowded coffee shop and shout 'The wind is changing! Look sharp! Get out the map - it's time to go! We ride across a thousand pages and sail beyond the sunset, to seek, to find, to strive, and not to yield!' Some won't understand it, and that's perfectly fine. But those who do will wipe the tears from their eyes, smile knowingly, and drain their cups, toasting their own wild lands and wilder passions.


Mihael Kavanaugh

A singer songwriter, who blends vocals with finger picking guitar, also using various tunings. The lyrics mirror nature, environmental, spiritual and good old love. He also utilize solo flute to say that which words can't. He has been performing for forty years in Humboldt, while mostly living in the Mattole valley.

Ari Guillette

I play original music along with jazz standards on my trustee ukulele. The songs are folk/pop/jazzy jammy.


Marcia Mendels & Chris Manspeaker

While they have each written songs on their own, they've found that it expands their musical styles to write together.  Chris hears music through his guitar rhythms and melody lines, which range all the way from funk to jazz to African, while Marcia's roots are folk, R&B and country.   When one of us has an idea for a song, whether it's a melody riff or words, we work on it together--and usually create a song that is different from what either of us started with.   Because of our mix of styles, we have written a little bit of everything, which makes us hard to classify, but fun to listen to!