John Reischman, Scott Nygaard, and Sharon Gilchrist at Arcata Playhouse

Sun, 03/23/2014 - 8:00pm

The acoustic power trio of mandolinist John Reischman, guitarist Scott
Nygaard, and bassist/mandolinist Sharon Gilchrist blends traditional
bluegrass and folk styles with their own personalized visions of
contemporary acoustic music, reshaping old melodies and composing new music
based on traditional forms with an improvisatory flair and melodic richness.
Reischman and Nygaard, both Grammy winners revered in the acoustic world for
their melodic virtuosity and impeccable tone, have been performing together
off and on since the early '90s, when they played on each others' solo
recording debuts for Rounder Records. They are joined by Gilchrist, whose
mandolin and bass playing have been in high demand for years, gracing the
bands of acoustic and bluegrass icons Darol Anger, Peter Rowan, Tony Rice,
Laurie Lewis, and others. Reischman's most recent album, Walk Along John,
was described by Bluegrass Today as combining "blazing bluegrass, stately
old time melodies, and even reckless, seat-of-the-pants improvgrass," a
fitting description of what you can expect to hear from these three
empathetic musicians.