Call for Folklife Photos




A new Archives Project of the Humboldt Folklife Society will scan and digitize the photographs, posters, flyers, news stories, and records of the past 35 years of the organization. The Humboldt Folklife Society board's goal for the project is to make the memories of its rich history of music festivals, concerts, dances, song circles, radio programs, and workshops conveniently available to everyone through the organization's website.


Volunteers are starting the project by collecting photographs of events and activities and historical records of the initial formation of the organization.  Later, videos and audio recordings will be included in the collection.  HFS is requesting everyone who has photographs of Humboldt Folklife Society events, performances, and activities to contribute to this collection.   It is important to identify dates, locations, and the names of individuals in the photographs.   Project volunteers will also be seeking individuals who have been active in the local music scene over the years and can help with these photograph identifications.


If you have photographs for the HFS Archives Project, please contact the project coordinator, Maggie Gainer, at  HYPERLINK ""