Thanks for supporting our 2016 Humboldt Folklife Festival! 

Check out our Facebook page for lots of fun photos. 

If you enjoyed the festival, please consider checking out our Tip Jar to help us compensate the musicians for their time. 


This year's Folklife Festival was dedicated to Ann Marie Woolley,

a long-time Folklife member and frequent performer, 

who passed away on June 28.

Thank you for your music, Ann Marie.



Thank you for supporting local live music!



 CLICK HERE to view photos of the 2015 Humboldt Folklife Festival by Andrew Goff!


Folk Life Defined

... what is Folklife? The easiest way to explain is to take the word apart. Folk = People. Life = Music, at least for the folks involved in Folklife. The Humboldt Folklife Society is a group of dedicated volunteers who love music, mostly folk music, but certainly not exclusively...


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